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Vanderzee is a classical guitarist turned experimental musician based out of the Catskills in upstate New York. He spends his time foraging for mushrooms, baking bread and yelling into microphones over beats influenced by hyper-pop, hip-hop, rock, jazz and whatever else happens to catch his ear. He holds a Master's Degree in Music Performance from The Mannes School of Music at The New School in NYC.

Vanderzee's debut album, Divergent, oscillates between attitudes of eternal hopefulness to crippling self doubt, grappling with the pressures one puts on oneself to be productive, while simultaneously attempting to not put expectations on the creative process. The seeds of many of these songs were planted while he lived in a Zen monastery, the teachings of which are distilled in all of the music he creates.  Inspired by The Killers, 100 gecs, and Dirty Projectors, from the post-punk “The Coming Day” to the sample-heavy “Sit Here And Be,” Divergent serves as an affirmation that despite newfound maturity and self-awareness, the rebellious, misunderstood child within us never grows up.



 “ expertly thought-out and pieced-together track… as genuine and as pure a tune as one could ever hope to hear. It’s evident in the artist’s vocals as well as his soundscape.” - Mesmerized (read more)

“There’s something so eclectic about this sound, a strange combination of so many different genres and artistic influences that give Vanderzee a sound that’s confidently and firmly in his own lane. The final minute of “The Coming Day” is one of my favourite moments of indie rock this year so far…” - Find No Enemy (read more)

“...a stunning and melodic rock track that strikes a perfect balance between relatable accessibility and profound emotional depth… touching on the fear of forgetting one's dreams and losing sight of one's path.” - Lost in the Manor (read more)

"...a wistful indie-pop song oozing the naïve whimsy of youthful recklessness. A nostalgic breeze of the Beatles is heard in ‘The Coming Day’ building a solid power pop foundation; however, a kick of The Killers adds a heavier indie-rock tone bringing edginess to the song. A combination of pounding drums, powerful guitar and Vanderzee’s rich vocals create that feeling of rebellion and innocent 'well, it can wait for tomorrow' sentimentality." - The Other Side Reviews (read more)

"...exudes a catchy post-punk sound. “Every night I lie awake and think about the coming day,” the vocals let out with anticipation, gliding into hooky sections bolstered by guitars and synths — showing shades of The Killers and The Cure.”  - Sound Kharma (read more)

“... makes for a wonderfully fresh and uplifting listen. Championing more of that sweet and diverse pop-rock energy he is cultivating for himself, this new one will have you smiling from ear to ear throughout.” - The Real Ding (read more)

“Hailing from Glen Spey, VANDERZEE is an artist that you need to know about. ‘The Coming Day’ is a punchy single fuelled by an ever evolving arrangement, intelligent chordal progressions and catchy melodies. ‘The Coming Day’ is a single that needs to be added to your new music playlist.” - FV Music Blog (read more)



Glen Spey, NY

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